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Jazz & Beyond - Autumn 2016

Festival of Improvised Music - jaZZ i okolice / jaZZ & beyond is a direct continuation of the cyclical event held under the same name for over 10 years in Katowice.

Starting from 2012, the Festival will take place in several cities of Upper Silesia and Zaglebie: Chorzow, Katowice, Sosnowiec, Rybnik, Koszęcin and Gliwice, in the three autumn months- from late September to mid-December.

From the very beginning, the Festival brought some of the biggest and outstanding personalities of jazz and improvised music to Katowice. The primary goal of the event was to identify and promote new music and creative performances, looking for artists working within not one, but many musical genres and traditions. We were always determined to present jazz as an inclusive term and a musical style open to everyone.

Our aim is to promote events of diverse music, derived from the rich cultural traditions, personal and social experiences of artists:

music created by people who live "here and now", living in harmony with the culture and civilization,music, created by passionate people who are serious about their work and the audience, sharing their personal experience, emotions and thoughts, as well as a sense of humor and taste,music which pays tribute to freedom and improvisation. This is necessity for jazz to try something new.